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Fizzics DraftPour Review

Fizzics DraftPour Review

In the olden times, there was no way to enjoy your can or bottle of beer on draft. However, now that we’re in 2021, times have changed! The Fizzics DraftPour allows you to enjoy your favorite bottled or canned beer on tap, right at home. I was recently sent this machine to try out, so I wanted to you my Fizzics DraftPour review and talk through my experience with the product.

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This post is sponsored but all of the thoughts and ideas are my own.

Why should you buy a Fizzics DraftPour?

If you’re reading this review right now, I’m guessing this is the main question you’re asking yourself. If you’ve ever wanted the feeling of pouring your own beer at home but don’t want to purchase or build a kegerator or keezer, the Fizzics DraftPour is for you.

However, I wouldn’t say that it ends there. I built a keezer (chest freezer turned kegerator) a couple years ago, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to enjoy my already canned/bottled beers on tap as well.

The portability of the DraftPour is a very attractive feature as well. It can be powered either via USB cable or batteries. This means you can take it just about anywhere. Want to impress your friends at your next tailgate? Want to make your next camping trip that much more interesting? The Fizzics DraftPour is there for you!

Portable enough to enjoy a draft beer in the garden!

What does the Fizzics DraftPour Do?

The DraftPour allows you to enjoy the taste and impression of a draft beer utilizing canned and bottled beer. After opening your bottle or can, you set it inside of the machine. The DraftPour will then pull the beer out of the bottle or can and dispense through the tap with a perfect head.

Another feature unique to the product is what Fizzics likes to call ‘micro foam’. Towards the end of your normal pour, you can push the tap handle backwards instead of forwards. This will activate the ‘sonication’ process in which sound waves are applied to the beer which helps to form uniform smaller bubbles similar to beer on nitro vs CO2.

This feature is especially nice with darker beers such as stouts that really shine with the creamier mouthfeel. However, if you’ve had some of the lighter beers on nitro recently, you know that it can add an interesting impression to these as well!

Simply place your can or bottle of beer in the base

Does beer actually taste different with a DraftPour?

Now I have to say, I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this product advertised. As a homebrewer, we put quite a bit of time and effort perfecting the right flavor, mouthfeel, and carbonation level. I was seeing reviewers mentioning that their beer tasted noticeably different when poured with the DraftPour vs the bottle or can directly.

After serving beers across the spectrum of styles through the DraftPour, I can see what these reviewers meant. Especially when using the ‘microfoam’ feature, the mouthfeel can be noticeably softer, especially with darker, richer beers. And I have to say, there’s just something about pouring the beer from a tap that changes the overall impression for the better.

Does the DraftPour carbonate beer?

No, I think this is something that may be misunderstood. This product does not add carbon dioxide (carbonation) to your beer. The benefit of this is that it will still work without having to keep a CO2 tank filled. However, this product is not a good option if you’re looking to carbonate your flat/still beer or cider.

This product simply uses the carbonation that your beer was packaged with and pulls it under vacuum through the tap. It can, however, change the uniformity and mouthfeel of the bubbles. This is where the overall impression and softness of the beer can certainly change when poured through the machine.

What size of beer can you fit in a DraftPour?

The DraftPour works with essentially all sizes of beer bottles and cans. From your standard 12oz bottles or cans all the way up to 22oz bombers, and even 750mL bottles, the DraftPour fits it perfectly.

I’ve had the chance to use several different sizes of beers and cider throughout the past couple months, and I haven’t found any issue with any size thus far.

Is the DraftPour portable?

Yes! I think this is a huge advantage of this particular product. As it can run on either two AA batteries or via USB cable, you can take it camping, your backyard, tailgates, etc.

It is also very light, I believe under 4 pounds, so it is extremely convenient to travel with.

Dispensing beer through the Fizzics DraftPour

How hard is it to clean the DraftPour?

Not tough at all. You can tell that Fizzics has put quite a bit of time in developing this particular machine. The base and tower come apart easily and are both easy to wipe down. It’s easy enough to rinse the tube with water after each use, simply by serving a glass of water through the tap.

Fizzics DraftPour Review
An imperial stout with “microfoam”

Closing Thoughts

As mentioned above, when I first saw this product being advertised, I thought it just be another gimmick. However, at this point, it’s safe to say, I’ve been pretty happy with using it over the past couple months.

The DraftPour functions very well with power coming from the supplied USB cable or AA batteries. The unit is well built and extremely easy to use.

I was also very impressed with the customer service of the company, who made sure I would have the most successful experience with their product.

Honestly, the only downside I’ve come to find is that the DraftPour does not include batteries. I know… pretty nit-picky; however, in these days of convenience, it would be nice! I would say if not including batteries is the worst thing you find with a product, it’s probably a decent product.

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Shop Fizzics DraftPour on Amazon

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